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Current Version: 0.4.1

JabberFoX is a free Jabber client for Mac OS X whose name stands for "Jabber For OS X." Jabber is an open source instant messaging system fully based on XML. Thanks to the server-side Jabber Agents, Jabber clients can communicate with users of other instant messaging systems, like AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, or IRC. JabberFoX is written in Objective-C using Apple's Cocoa API, and makes good use of Aqua, Mac OS X's cool new user interface system. It aims at implementing all of the standard Jabber features including chat, group chat, messages, the roster (buddylist), and agents. Eventually, the authors hope to incorporate all of the features of the Jabber protocol, including browsing, strong encryption and the new conferencing protocol. Version 0.4.1 adds/changes the following:

  • Localized to Spanish.
  • URLs in incoming messages/text are made clickabkle, like in a web browser.
  • Roster/UserChat/GroupChat can have transparent backgrounds.
  • To reduce clutter, roster contacts with only one resource can't be expanded anymore.
  • Added a menu item to show/hide offline roster items.
  • GroupChat: added Tab-completion of nick names.
  • GroupChat: highlighting possible via color, sound, or speech.
  • Support for new "invisible" mode (only works on Jabber servers 1.4.2 and higher).
  • Various other minor changes.
  • Lots of bugs squashed.

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