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Commercial; varies

Current Version: 3.5.1 (December 30, 2005) / 3.7.2 (October 26, 2007)

iVisit LLC produces the iVisit multiparty, serverless videoconferencing software that is developed, in part, by Tim Dorcey, the original creator of CU-SeeMe.

Version 3.5.1 - the latest release for "Classic" Mac OS - adds/changes the following:

  • Background file transfer via iVisit message "attachments"
  • New option to iVisit recordings as QuickTime .mov files (Plus accounts only)
  • New "Guest Invite" option to create invites URLs

Version 3.7.2 - the latest release for Mac OS X - adds/changes the following from the previous release, 3.7.1:

  • The main change from previous versions is the addition of audio/video messaging capabilities. This allows you to send short audio/video clips to other users without opening a live connection. The audio/video file is sent directly from you to the other person, without passing through a server. This means that you must both be logged on before the transfer will occur. Once you send the message, iVisit will watch for the earliest chance to transfer it. For best performance, you should leave iVisit logged on all the time.
  • To send an audio/video message push the new "camera" button on the remote video window. When you let the button up, the recording will be sent. Optionally, a dialog will open and give you the opportunity to cancel. The first time you receive and audio/video message from a certain user, you choose whether to receive all or block all messages from that user.
  • If you send a message to someone running an older version of iVisit, it will create a link in their chat window to receive and open it like an ordinary file transfer.

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