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Open source; $0

Current Version: 20081115 (February 18, 2009)

ircII is an IRC and ICB client that runs under most UNIX platforms. It runs as a command-line application, comes in source form, and is completely free of any charges or fees. The ircII project is a group of people who maintain the source code, incorporating fixes and new features.

Version 20081115 adds/changes the following from the previous release (20060725):

  • /on channel_signoff works again.
  • Try to split ICB messages at word boundaries.
  • Disallow many IRC commands on ICB.
  • /ping works on ICB.
  • Revert the utf-8 changes for large lastlog performance reasons. There should be a re-implementation coming in the future.
  • Make /on nickname, /on channel_nick, $chanusers() and $onchannel() work with ICB.

Unfortunately, there is currently no pre-built version for Mac OS X, so using this release will require that you have the Mac OS X Developer Tools installed. But I have verified that ircII builds without modification on Mac OS X; just follow the instructions in the "INSTALL" file included in the download, and you'll be set. (You might want to make your object directory "obj-osx" rather than "obj-sparc" if it makes you feel better, though!)

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