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Current Version: 2.1 Pre12

From the Info-Mac abstract file: Chat is a program that runs on your Macintosh and allows you to run a chat server on it. You and others will be able to telnet to your machine and participate in online conversations. Chat includes multiple channels that you can switch between at will. There are numerous user commands and administrator commands available. Read the documentation and the FAQ in the archive for more information on them.

User Reviews

"[Chat is] a really a great way to keep in touch with people. I moved from NJ to NC last year, and every Friday I would set up the Chat program, and my friends would telnet in and we'd all chat for hours . . . [Chat] was a BIG help in reducing long distance bills."
—Mark A. Gangi

"Chat is excellent and fairly easy to use, with a nice interface. Does not allow split screen, although some people do prefer the line by line back and forth of chat style. And it allows up to five people to chat simultaneously. Works by making your Mac a telnet server, with incoming telnet connections automatically directed to it. Looking forward to updated documentation."
—Andrew Starr

"Chat has a great, simple interface. Anyone with a telnet connection can easily log on and master the basic commands in minutes. That said, even as a paid registered user, I cannot recommend this software. Chat 2.1 has not been updated in over two years (July 1994 was the latest), nor will the author(s) provide tech support in any form. Chat 2.1 exhibits high instability, requiring numerous daily reboots on a modestly busy chat. When a user disconnects without issuing the "/quit" command first, the entire server will crash within minutes. Add that to numerous security holes and very limited admin functions. It's really a shame...the user interface is so elegantly intuitive."
—Jeff Schwartz

"I've been running Chat for about 6 months now, and it is awesome. It is a simplified personal IRC, the is especially good for me when I am trying to provide service for distant clients. Super simple, but extremely effective. I just wish there was a simple way to track my IP address whenever I connect via PPP so others could always get ahold of me (finger doesn't work with my ISP)"
—Mark Guertin

"WOW, I set up my Chat 2.1 to a shell, and it is great. Users can telnet to it at any time, and chat away. I use mine as a chatroom for my IRC channel, and I also give IRC tutorials, and Bot tutorials. Chat 2.1 is a GREAT program to meet people, and just have fun! PLus the ADMIN commands really help for kicking those annoying users."
—M. Harrison


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