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Current Version: 1.1

McPoker is the only available IRC Poker client for the Macintosh--and it's pretty good, at that. From the McPoker home page: "This is a client program (visual front end) that communicates over the Internet using IRC protocols to a poker server so that you can play poker with other real people -- and some not-so-real players. It was mostly modeled after Greg Reynolds' Gpkr -- an excellent IRC poker client for Windows, which most IRC poker players seem to be using. You will need to be using Open Transport networking on your Macintosh for McPoker to work." McPoker is freeware. Version 1.1 fixes a problem with new IRC Poker server software and introduces a text file to define new Bot names.

User Reviews

"McPoker is an excellent online poker client; I can only believe it can get better from here on. If the graphics improve, I think it will be difficult to pry me away!"
—Laguna Loire

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