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Classic Applications


Current Version: 2.0.1 10/28/1993

NOTE: for older Macs only. This is the "official" release of MacPPP for MacTCP (not Open Transport!) from the Merit Network, for use with MacTCP (on older Macs). If you need a PPP connection for your older Mac, this the most tried and true, but it doesn't work with Open Transport, as FreePPP does. Version 2.0.2 - no longer available - fixed a glitch wherein the Control Panel allowed 42 character usernames, but PAP could only use 31 characters.

Note: Apple's MacPPP 2.5.x is not directly related to MacPPP 2.0.1. MacPPP as it exists here is the Merit Network variety, and 2.0.1 is the current version. MacPPP 2.5.x (included as part of Apple's Internet Connection Kit) is based upon Steve Dagley's FreePPP source, and follows much of the same course of code as FreePPP (up to a certain point), but is lacking in some important bug fixes and enhancements included in the current versions of FreePPP. For these reasons, I do not list Apple's MacPPP in the Orchard's pages.


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Finally, take a look at ALEMIA if you think you know that name of an application, but aren't quite sure.

Of Note . . .

No, I don't accept reviews anymore for these older applications. With the creation of this page in the Orchard's late 2005 redesign, I only accept reviews for currently-developed applications that work on Mac OS X (or later....whatever that might be!!).