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Current Version: 1.1.2 (For pre Mac OS 8.0 users only. Superseded by Open Transport 2.7.6 in Mac OS 9.1)

NOTE: for older Macs only. Open Transport is Apple's new networking technology for the MacOS. It contains native code for PowerMacs and is easier to configure than MacTCP. It's more memory-hungry, however. For PCI-based PowerMacs, Open Transport is the only officially Apple-endorsed way to make a TCP/IP-based Internet connection. On other machines, however, Open Transport is merely an optional replacement for MacTCP. Version 1.1.2 fixes a few bugs present in 1.1.1 (but not the infamous server performance issue). Open Transport 1.1 (available only as part of System 7.5.3 or higher) or 1.1.1 is a prerequisite. If you're using an older Mac (68020 or older), stick with MacTCP. You'll use less memory and have fewer headaches. If you're using a fast 6803- or 68040-based machine, you'll see a noticeable speed increase, and it will be worth upgrading if you have the extra 600K or so of RAM to spare.

User Reviews

"I have been using Open Transport 1.1.2 for 2 weeks on a Performa 6116CD, 60 MHz 601 processor. My Mac is connected to an ethernet network (a full T1 internet connection) and I have noticed at least a 20% increase in speed when accessing Internet. Pages download faster, and I have seen no freezing (I use Netscape v[ersion] 2). I have setup several Macs for Internet connection[s] recently using MacOS 7.5.5, OT and OT/PPP (for friends) and have seen a corresponding increase in speed for dial-up connections. OT and OT/PPP are also much easier and quicker to configure for successful dial-up access."
—Ken Wolf


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