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Current Version: 1.4.5 (alpha)

NOTE: for older Macs only. A nice PPP client for use with MacTCP (not Open Transport) that many people prefer to the alternatives. From the documentation: Automatic redial - Simple PPP will automatically redial when an Internet service provider doesn't answer or is busy. It will keep redialing until it gets through, or the application that started it gives up. Automatic reconnect - Simple PPP will automatically redial when an open connection is dropped while it was being actively used. Usually, file transfers can be recovered after the redial. No other PPP for the Macintosh offers this feature. Faster transmission. A new buffering strategy improves performance. Shorter connect times. Now that redialing works, there's less need to stay connected when you're not doing anything. If you pay for connect time, this can reduce your costs. Useful diagnostics. A new diagnostic system helps you figure out what happens when there's a problem. No more unwanted dialing. The old MacPPP/FreePPP problem of randomly dialing in the background when there was no traffic to send has been fixed.

User Reviews

"This is a great little application. I am using it on a PowerMac 6100/60 connected to a Boca 'Fast Mac' V.34 modem (28.8 kbps). Setting it up is simplicity itself. It is just a matter of installing the SimplePPP Extension in your extensions folder and finding a folder in which to place the SimplePPP application (I placed mine in my Control Strip Menu Folder, but it would work just as well as an alias in the Apple Menu Items folder). Follow all of the instructions about removing any MacPPP/FreePPP files from your System folder (except the PPP prefs as noted below), unless of course you don't want to connect to your server.... After that, it is just a matter of point and click."
—Jerry Garrison

"Just got a copy of this PPP connectivity kit. I must say that it seems to be the most stable PPP I have seen. I am currently using a Mac SE/30 with MacTCP 2.0.6. I have had some intermittent hangs with FreePPP and MacPPP (but must confess that I am too lazy to track down the cause). Simple PPP seems to be a very elegant and stable product. My only concern is that the configuration window is a bit big for my small screen. All the buttons are accessible, but I hope that future versions will keep us small screen dudes in mind."
—Todd S. Poindexter

"I have tried all the versions of FreePPP on my Performa 6116CD. I'm glad I found John Nagle's SimplePPP on [The Mac Orchard]. This truly "simple to use" piece of software is just what I needed. It was very easy to set up (when I realized it did not work with Open Transport). I like the redial features and the simple, straightforward error messages. Finally, I can understand what happens if I don't connect properly! Everything is MUCH speedier now and seems to be more stable. It even works in the background, allowing you to get more work done. Thanks, John for providing us with something that WORKS!"
—Dean Fuller


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