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Baton Mail

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Current Version: 0.9.8b

Baton Mail allows you to add mail authentication to older email client software. With "Spam" on the rise, most ISPs have added the need to authenticate before being able to send email through their servers. Older email clients (like Claris Emailer, Eudora Lite, or just about any mail client older than the last year or two), lack this capability; Baton Mail provides it by acting as a private mail relay station.

The software runs as a small application that you run in the background. You configure your email client to send outbound email to Baton Mail, which in turn performs any necessary authentication with your ISPs mail server, and then relays the outbound mail. Baton Mail also allows you to assign a specific port to connect to your provider's SMTP server, should your provider use such a scheme to hinder abuse.

Baton Mail is released as freeware. Version 0.9.8b adds/changes the following:

  • Fixed (?) a serious bug with sending attachments that caused the computer to freeze
  • Removed the need to bring Baton Mail to the front for workable speed
  • Added support for altering the listening port (resource STR 1128)
  • Added support for choosing first tried auth type (resource STR 1129)

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