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Classic Applications

DNS Lookup

Current Version: 0.92

An old freeware nslookup program for "Classic" Mac OS that still works quite well.

User Reviews

"Hey, DNS Lookup is great! Like most fledgling Mac Webmasters, I don't have a UNIX shell account, so I have no way to access nslookup. Besides, this appears to be much more intuitive and flexible. The fact that one can request a zone transfer is extremely helpful for me, since I have just begun providing primary DNS for all our domains and need a way to test my configs. Paul Herman has done an excellent job."
—Gil Poulsen

"Like DNS lookup, another feature-laden gem, but OTTool gives you much more information about the network connection. In an instant, all the information that I'd ever want to know about my Mac's network connection. I can even do a reverse lookup to find its name (or a name of another host, given its IP address). If I were a nit-picker, I would have liked to have seen my host's DNS name displayed automagically along with its IP address. The Traceroute is neat. Much faster than anything I remember from a UNIX box many years ago. Too bad that Apple is walking away from further OpenTransport development! What will become of OTTool in post-Blue-box days? Until then, ENJOY this wonderful gift. Thank you, Neon!

"One inconvenience that I'd like to see rectified is that there seems no way to interrupt a long pause for a record (e.g., MX) lookup. One must wait patiently until the lookup is completed or times out. At first, on one of these lengthy lookups, I thought that my Mac had frozen. Also, I'd love to be able to dismiss the clever Neon flash-banner with ONE simple mouse-click. Other than that, this is still a fantastic tool, definitely worth many times the asking price, and my comments are meant constructively to help improve an already great gift."

—Steve Goldstein
International Networking Coordinator
National Science Foundation


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