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Current Version: 3.3.3 beta 2

VNC is a small, simple and free client/server system that allows you to view the graphical desktop of another machine on your network. VNC is platform-independent, and the client-server system allows many people to share views of the same desktop at one time.

User Reviews

"This is an excellent program. I've used it to view my Linux desktop from my Mac, my Mac desktop from a PC, and both the Linux and the Mac desktops from my Palm Vx! All of the components are small, easy to set up, and pretty hard to crash -- the only exception is the Mac server portion, which is a little slower / clunkier than the other servers. But the client portion is problem free, all the way up to OS 9.0.4. Plus, I love the fact that it's FREE! Take that, Timbuktu!"
—Matthew McClintock

"Still buggy, but it works! (a few screen restarts might be required). Much better value than Timbuktu or the overpriced Apple Network Assistant."

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