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Classic Applications

Stalker Internet Mail Server

Current Version: 1.7 (October 30, 1998)

Also known as SIMS, this free mail server software - still available but no longer under development - comes from the company who brought us the CommuniGate series of commercial Internet products. It's capable, and worth a look if you're in the market for an inexpensive (read: free) mail server tool. Version 1.7 addresses the following issues, among others:

  • The Template Account is implemented.
  • Web access to Client Hosts and Blacklisted address sets is implemented.
  • OpenTransport 1.3 secondary IP addresses are supported.
  • The White-Hole processing is implemented.
  • The SMTP "initial prompt" time-out has been increased from 1 to 2 minutes.
  • The SpamTrap anti-spam method is implemented.
  • The multipart/report (RFC1892/RFC1894) format is used for Return-Receipt and error messages.
  • The BlackListed and Client Host lists can be specified with comments. Comments are accepted, but not stored. A comment can be placed on a separate line or after an address or address range. It should start with either ";", or "%", or "--" symbols. An empty line is processed as a comment line.


Version 1.8b8 (1/21/2000) is also available for 680x0 and Power Macs, making the following changes:

  • Bug Fix: SIMS could crash while writing to logs.
  • Bug Fix: generating return receipts could crash the server.
  • Bug Fix: server could crash if the local account name was too long.
  • Bug Fix: account-level routing is fixed to block the "%" SPAM hack.
  • Minor user interface cleanups.
  • Possible SPAM attacks are logged with the Failure level and are tagged with "SPAM?".
  • Support for PowerKey(tm) and Rebound!(tm) is implemented.
  • The "Treat Authenticated as Clients" option can be disabled now.
  • Multiple RBL servers are supported. Extended RBL replies are checked via the static BlackList.
  • The comments in the BlackList, ClientList and RBL Server List are preserved.
  • Custom messages can be sent to addresses blocked by black lists.
  • The "Temporary Banned" dynamic black list is implemented. There is no UI for this feature yet.

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