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Classic Applications

NCSA Telnet

Current Version: 2.6

NCSA was once the standard telnet tool for the Macintosh. Like NCSA Mosaic, development was halted on this software long ago (in this case, 1996). Many newer versions of telnet have come along that are based upon NCSA's work, however. You can check them all out on the page you're reading right now. However, NCSA Telnet still works just fine, thank you very much.


Version 2.7b4 is a very stable beta that I used to use quite regularly. It's a bit more reliable than 2.6, and has a better scrollback buffer. It was announced on January 1, 1996 that development has stopped on NCSA Telnet. The source code for beta 5 is available, though, as is an unofficial, compiled working version.

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