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Current Version: 1.1

A truly nice, fast, small Telnet application that supports Kerberos authentication. If you only need telnet, plain and simple, this is great stuff. Since it includes encryption technology, you will have to visit the home page and press an "agreement button" to download it. Version 1.1 adds configurable foreground & background colors; adjustable scrollback buffer size; OpenTransport native support; improved keyboard support, including page up/page down; Drag into NiftyTelnet window now supported; double-clickable shortcut files; bug fixes and an improved user interface.

User Reviews

"I use NiftyTelent . . . every day. I think it's a great lean package, but it sure has a lot of features, no mistake. It supports encrypted sessions, via Kerberos ticketing, you can choose any mono-spaced font in your system, and it saves settings pretty well. It always connects for me. NCSA Telnet has a lot of trouble connecting, I find. dataComet just has too much cr-- in it."
—Tatsu Ikeda

"NiftyTelnet has to be the next best thing to working on a UNIX console itself. This program is a heck of a lot faster than NSCA, is OpenTransport native, and [has] a great bookmarking feature. What else could you ask for... it's the best!"
—Mike Bennett

"I have begun to use NiftyTelnet for almost all my telnet work. I like its preferences setup much better than NCSA's, and it's very quick. It does pretty much everything I ever need from a telnet client. I did find a couple of things NCSA seemed to handle better: 1) When pasting large documents into a Tandem Edit file (TAL listings, etc.), I frequently have to hit a key to get the paste to complete. This may also happen on Unix, but I tend to edit directly in Unix -- I hate the Tandem Edit editor; and 2) I miss the save session to file feature of NCSA. I find I like NiftyTelnet enough to work around the first issue. I keep NCSA around mainly for the second feature."
—John Gilmore-Baldwin

"I use telnet a lot across a somewhat slow (14k) modem, so it's a big win for me that NiftyTelnet is 7x as fast as NCSA's 2.7b4!"
—Don Davis

"I picked this program up a while ago and noticed right away that it is the fastest way to run telnet that I've seen so far. I'm running an '040 and the responsiveness is outstanding! I need something that runs quickly, connects quickly, and it very responsive. This code is one of the best kept secrets on the net, especially if you are using an older Mac. As a previous reviewer has stated, the responsiveness is so good, you'd think you were sitting at the console."
—Joe Slater

"For the longest time, I was looking for a fast, fully featured Telnet program. NiftyTelnet has every feature except a modified print feature, which NCSA seems to have. NiftyTelnet is very fast and responsive - the Porsche of the Telnet community."
—Kevin Altree

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Of Note . . .

No, I don't accept reviews anymore for these older applications. With the creation of this page in the Orchard's late 2005 redesign, I only accept reviews for currently-developed applications that work on Mac OS X (or later....whatever that might be!!).