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Current Version: 9.2 (June 3, 2010)

Classilla is a free open source Mozilla-based web browser for the classic Macintosh OS (not Mac OS X, although it will likely run under Classic through 10.4). It is targeted for Mac OS 9, but will include 8.6 compatibility where possible. It is based upon WaMCoM, a custom built version of Mozilla 1.3.1 that was designed to run on Classic Mac OS. While WaMCoM is no longer supported or developed, Classilla's goal is to pick up where WaMCoM left off, providing a supported browser for Classic Mac OS users.

Version 9.2 adds/changes the following:

  • Completely rewritten JavaScript interpreter (C2), based on SpiderMonkey (the same interpreter used for Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x, with patches for Classilla). Although fully utilizing this interpreter requires better support for DOM than this version of Classilla supports currently, this enables most JavaScript to correctly parse, expands the number and quality of sites that function in some manner, greatly reduces browser crashes, and cuts benchmark execution time in half. Still, many sites will only partially operate due to the current implementation of the Document Object Model. A comprehensive upgrade to DOM and layout is scheduled for 9.3.
  • Theming is now specifically supported (C110). However, Classilla is only compatible with themes for Mozilla 1.3 and earlier, or Netscape 7 and earlier. You must enable software installation to install a new theme (if you do not, the browser will now display an alert).
  • Both layout reflow and the currently executing script can now be cancelled by holding down Cmd-Period (C123). Note that cancelling a script during its execution could leave event handlers in an indeterminate state, and you should close the current window or tab to completely regain control. This all-stop escape does not cancel chrome scripts, so the browser interface will still operate normally.
  • Command-scrolling is now implemented (C28) to help gloss over problems with scrolling on some sites instead of having to check and uncheck Use Slow Scroll. To use Command-scrolling, hold down the Command key as you use the scroll bar or mouse wheel.
  • Additional minor improvements to layout (C96 C122). These help eliminate ghosted or doubled images on many sites, although this can cause some pages to scroll slower. You can hold down the Command key and scroll if you believe Classilla is using the wrong scrolling method. A comprehensive upgrade to DOM and layout is scheduled for 9.3.
  • New easter egg.
  • Plugins are now enumerated from scratch on startup (C113). This slightly slows application startup, but may help with some problematic plugins that can cause Classilla to freeze.
  • An error condition in certain printer drivers should no longer crash Classilla (C121).
  • Clicking around in offline or non-fetching mail folders should no longer crash Classilla (C124).

Classilla requires a Power Macintosh with at least 64MB of RAM (virtual or physical), 50MB of free hard disk space and Mac OS 8.6 or higher. A G3 with 128MB of physical RAM and OS 9.1 is the recommended minimum. (It will run on OS 8.5, but due to various bugs in that release, 8.6 is strongly recommended.)

User Reviews

"This web browser is the best for Mac OS 9, as I can finally get gmail in standard view and some more web sites that have complained about the age of my web browser. Until December 2009 it is still in development, but it is definitely the best. The one thing to remember is DO NOT REMOVE YOUR OLD BROWSER UNTIL THE STABLE RELEASE!!! This is in case it crashes (that has only happened once for me)."
—Josiah McMillan

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