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Current Version: 1.1.1E

If you're running a black-and-white or memory-limited Mac, this is the Web browser for you. It's quite old, but it's reasonably powerful (though it's no match for "modern" browsers like IE or Netscape) and quite fast even when used on older machines.

User Reviews

"A very limited browser. MacWeb was the most advanced browser . . . about 2 years ago. It is sometimes faster than Netscape, but I would only recommend this browser for computers such as the Classic or Mac II series."
—Nathan Romero

"On a 68k Performa, the MacWeb browser excels in one specific, but also commonly utilized, 'surfing' mode: with image downloading turned off, MacWeb is an incredibly speedy Web client for looking for Web-based text resources. In fact, the browser approximates Lynx in its barebones text window. The key here is speed. Not a little bit faster than Netscape, but much, much quicker. Make a RAM disk and load the entire MacWeb folder into the disk and it will zoom. Try MacWeb in this mode and see for yourself!"
—Stephen Calhoun

"As a Web designer, I find MacWeb is a great browser to simulate what my Web pages would look like on a text browser. It sits in my tool kit with Navigator, Explorer and the AOL 2 browser."
—Byron Velasquez

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Of Note . . .

No, I don't accept reviews anymore for these older applications. With the creation of this page in the Orchard's late 2005 redesign, I only accept reviews for currently-developed applications that work on Mac OS X (or later....whatever that might be!!).