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Intego Personal Antispam

Company Page Home Page Release Notes Screen Shots License:
Commercial; $49.95

Current Version: "X5" (10.5.5) (November 27, 2009)

Intego, Inc. produces the Intego Personal Antispam spam filtering software add-on for Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage.

Features include:

  • Filters your e-mail and weeds out spam
  • Filters spam with Bayesian analysis
  • Filters spam by address, message content, layout and more
  • Filters spam with a whitelist of your contacts
  • Filters spam with a blacklist of known spammers' addresses
  • Filters attachments for common file names
  • Learns from the spam you receive
  • Does not slow down your e-mail program

The latest "X5" version (10.5.5) adds the following new features:

  • This update offers Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility and addresses a number of other minor issues. This update is recommended for all Personal Antispam X5 users.

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