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Current Version: 1.0.1 (April 8, 2004)

Please note: This is a specialized file transfer program, and not a true FTP client. But since it is used for uploading files to web sites (as FTP is so often used for) - and as of mid 2001 it is being widely discussed and scrutinized as a strong candidate for replacing FTP in the updating of web sites - I feel it deserves a listing here. Goliath is a client application for creating and editing collections of files that reside on a remote server via the open WebDAV protocol (frequently called Web Folders) that makes it possible to make changes to files stored on web servers that support WebDAV. It was the first application to implement WebDAV on the Macintosh. Goliath exposes functionality similar to that found in the Windows version of Internet Explorer 5 plus many other features that are unique to the Mac. With Goliath, users can:

  • View the contents of a web site in a Finder-like fashion (including size, modification date and type)
  • Upload new files to a website
  • Create new folders in web sites
  • Delete files and folders on a web site
  • Rename files on a web server
  • Download copies of files on a web server using Drag & Drop (including delete by dragging to the Trash)
  • Bookmark DAV resources for easy navigation
  • Lock and make changes to existing files on a web server (using the applications of their choice)
  • Display and editing of properties
  • Duplicate items stored on web servers
  • Native MacOSX support via Carbon.

Version 1.0.1 adds/changes the following:

  • Files with a / in their name are now handled properly.
  • Fixed a crash while trying to view the contents of folders that the current user does not have permissions to access.

Goliath requires a PowerPC based Macintosh running Mac OS 8.1 or higher. More information about the WebDAV protocol, including clients and servers, may be found at the WebDAV web site at

User Reviews

"The amazing service done is to give a non-US resident (I'm in Europe) real access to their iDisk / accounts. This app is ten times faster than the Finder access developed by Apple. The interface is OK - it could be better - the Aqua look and feel is not respected. Using this app on a WebDAV server is fine . . . it never crashed or [had] bugs for the past three months. This is a great example of the open source dynamics."
—Patrick Ladislav

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