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Open source; $0

Current Version: 1.0.6

MacSFTP is the first standalone SFTP (Secure FTP) client for the Macintosh, from Jean-Pierre Stierlin, author of MacSSH. Apart from Captain FTP, MacSFTP is the only other game in town if you need a self-contained, GUI-based solution for the Mac for connecting to SFTP sites that use public key authentication (although on Mac OS X, you can use the command line SFTP client quite nicely, with the format "sftp -oIdentityFile="[path-to-private-key-file]" [username@host]".) MacSFTP - which is currently undergoing development - is not based on lsh, but on OpenSSH, is time-limited for 15 days to allow you to test its functionality, and is priced at $25 (shareware). Version 1.0.6 addresses the following:

  • Added an 'Update' option to transfer only modified files
  • Added a display directories sizes option
  • Added on the fly Text file's content translation
  • Added one time password support
  • Added alt-drag-and-drop between windows to create symlinks
  • Added an option to parse /etc/passwd and /etc/group files to show permissions on Icons
  • Added InternetConfig File-Mappings editor in preferences
  • Added implict '*' header and trailer to the name filter
  • Added an option to delete existing remote files before uploading
  • Added current directory in window titles
  • Added a 'Session' menu to modify current connection options
  • Added a 'Touch' command
  • Added a 'Default bookmark' option
  • Updated with OpenSSH 3.5p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7 and GUSI 2.2.3b2
  • Check symlinks can be interrupted
  • Rename overlapping truncated filenames
  • Fixed '@' in username treated as host separator
  • Fixed wrong size reported in progress window
  • Fixed consecutive '/' incorrectly parsed in pathnames
  • Fixed unsupported ':' in remote filenames, converted into '/'
  • Fixed unsupported symlink requests sent to older sftp-servers
  • Fixed crashes of Carbon version when running in Classic MacOS
  • Fixed crash when saving a file in BBEdit while its upload is already pending
  • Fixed app not working when a mounted volume was named 'dev'

User Reviews

"Clean, simple, and intuitive. MacSFTP opens up the remote directory in a window and you drag and drop from/to Finder windows. There's no drilling through endless directory hierarchies viewed through small windows. MacSFTP doesn't get in your way and does what it's supposed to quite elegantly and reliably."
—Shu Chow

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