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Current Version: 2.2

Like Download Deputy and NetBATCH, Monica is a batch file downloading tool that supports both FTP and HTTP transfers. Unlike NetBATCH, however, it is a standalone application, and it is a much more highly developed application that has gained favor with a large user base. Version 2.2 makes the following changes/additions:

  • Fixed Creator code
  • Improved access to Hotline 1.5 and 1.7 servers
  • Increased numeric length to 4 in file name ranges
  • Removed unnecessary debug code resulting in an approx binary size reduction of 450k
  • Changed the text string tables to improve load times
  • Added AutoPurge Queue facility to purge the queue approx every 10 minutes
  • Added "Get List" facility to download files in a remote URL list
  • Added function to close program if pirate serial number is detected
  • Fixed bug where Applescript "GetURL" did not function correctly
  • Added "GetList" Applescript command
  • Removed interactive messageboxes when processing via script.
  • Fixed bug where port was incorrectly parsed on redirect.

User Reviews

"Awesome, awesome program. Beats the living cr-- out of any other in its class on this or any other platform. I nearly missed out on its entire genre after trying out Download Deputy (darn thing felt like it was programmed in HyperCard . . . felt slower than emulation. Buggy, too.), but thank goodness that a friend of mine turned me onto this gem. Beautiful, elegant interface. Intelligent. And that's not even mentioning the humor in the title and the fact that it is the ultimate leeching tool. This program would strike fear into the blackened heart of any webmaster. Beautiful."
—Ryan Cameron

"This is the email I sent to the author of Monica: Dear Zippy, As I'm sure you know, you've really got something here. As a registered user of NetFinder since the beginning, I can say with some experience that Monica (1.6) is far superior for my uses in downloads of numerous files daily. The [resume] ability is most important and useful. The drag and drop of most file links is absolutely great. . . . Monica can really suck downloads off the net - ftp or http with the ability to resume on both. Thanks so much."
—Jim Hill

"Excellent program. Handy for click-dragging URL links straight from Netscape. There have only been a few times when Monica couldn't handle a download. Essential if you're the type to download large files from unstable sources. Simple interface, and best of all, it's free!"
—John Henderson

"I'm with Ryan - this program is simply wonderful. An absolute blessing to those of us with thin pipes and an insatiable desire to see what's on the next web page . . . it helps us info-maniacs manage how our pipe to the net gets utilized. Now I can surf for an hour, collect links to updates and other files I want, then go about other net.activities, leaving Monica to collect them in her own time. No longer do I force Anarchie, Fetch or my browser to try and download 30 things at once! A couple of interface quirks aside - which I'm sure Ziggy's working on - nothing on the Mac platform even comes close to Monica for her petite size, splendid single task design and utter stubbornness in ensuring a full download :-)"
—Geoffrey Peters

"Will version 4.0 _ever_ graduate from beta testing? With no upgrades since November 30th, 2003 I worry I may have paid for a lemon. Monica does all it's supposed to, but remains slightly buggy, lacking the integration and polished interface Mac OS X users expect these days. C'mon Black Diamond! Don't let this promising application die. Monica and your customers deserve better."
—Jamie Kahn Genet, 3/10/2005

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Download the Power Mac version.

Version 3.0 public beta 2 is now available for "Classic" Mac OS; version 3.0 public beta 2 is available for Mac OS X (Carbon); and version 4.0 public beta 2 is available for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. Changes in these versions are extensive; much of the underlying code has been redesigned and rewritten. Key changes include:

  • Improved handling of buggy FTP servers
  • Improved handling of many HTTP servers
  • Better handling of queue-enabled Hotline servers
  • Redesigned main screen
  • More efficient queue handling
  • Documentation in HTML
  • Ability to show/hide download windows easily
  • Facility to change number of concurrent downloads on the fly
  • Addition of a (beta) FTP Loader helper application (an OS X version is also available)
  • Improved stability (compiled in REALbasic 3.0)

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