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Shareware; $25-$80

Current Version: 1.3.1

(Formerly WebSynch) - From the iSynch home page: "iSynch is a tool to synchronize a Web site and your local folder, or to synchronize an FTP server and a local folder in an efficient way to save your time. It doesn't replace a FTP client, but has special features to update your site or keep an FTP mirror more easily than doing it by hand." Version 1.3.1 addresses the following issues:

  • New: Support for the Navigation Services.
  • New: New download options.
  • New: Better date preview.
  • Fix: Takes care of files which change date after a year.

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Download the PowerMac version (LITE release).

Version 1.4b6 Lite for OS X is now available in public beta, and a Classic version, also at 1.4b6, (in both Lite and regular versions) is available for current Mac OS users who have registered the software.

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