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Current Version: Preview 3 (May 9, 2005)

For Mac OS X only, SlashMUD is an Open Source, object-oriented, extensible, and speedy MUD server. According to the author, "SlashMUD is an Open Source, Macintosh-based MUD that is currently in the final stages of being ported to Mac OS X. SlashMUD is fully object-oriented and includes many unique features built-in as standard. Much customisation can be done by editing the data files, and what can't be done that way can be done by writing a SlashMUD Plugin (implemented as compiled code snippets written in C or C++) for customisations or by altering the source code. SlashMUD started off being very loosely based on the flow of control in an LP type of MUD, but has been designed from the ground up to be fast and extensible. It is fully compiled for speed (rather than interpreting another programming language), uses a custom plain text format for storing data and runs as a BSD-subsystem application on Mac OS X. SlashMUD began life as an Object Pascal Mac OS 8/9 application, but is in the process of being ported to ISO C on Mac OS X (actually the target platform is POSIX, and it runs quite happily on Linux but I prefer to use Mac OS X)." The "What's New" page has more information on this release.

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