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Current Version: 2.1.2 (June 21, 2005)

HenWen is a network security package for Mac OS X that makes it easy to configure and run Snort, a free Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS). HenWen's goal is to simplify setting up and maintaining software that will scan network traffic for undesirable traffic a firewall may not block. Everything you need to have is bundled in; there is no compiling or command line use necessary. Features include:

  • Includes a precompiled Snort binary for Mac OS X (minor change made to source, see the included Changed Source directory for details)
  • Drag and drop installation (no installer or uninstaller necessary)
  • Supports all major Snort preprocessor and output plugins
  • Supports all Snort rules that are current at the time of this writing
  • Supports configuring all current Snort rule variables
  • Supports direct logging to MySQL databases
  • Supports ODBC database logging (for PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and more)
  • Supports auto-blocking
  • Can update Snort rules over the network
  • Can set up Snort to run at system startup
  • Supports modem and broadband network connections
  • Runs on HFS+, UFS, AFP, and NFS volumes (SMB and other volume types should work as well, but they haven't been tested)
  • Available in English, German, and Italian (in the same package)
  • And more...

Version 2.1.2 adds/changes the following:

  • Restored compatibility with Mac OS X 10.2.x.
  • Fixed a problem which made it impossible to edit variables and rules under Mac OS X 10.4.x.
  • The "Launch Snort as a startup item" menu item works again under Mac OS X 10.4.x.

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