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Shareware; see site

Current Version: 2.2.1 (January 30, 1999) / 2.5.3 (July 19, 2004) / 2.5 (April 21, 2010)

IPNetMonitor is an exceptionally well-written program that currently provides 12 useful, integrated network analysis tools: Test Connectivity (Ping), Traceroute, Name Server Lookup, Whois, Finger, Monitor, TCP Info, Connection List, Address Scan, Subnet Calculator, DHCP Lease, and DHCP Test. Its unique features include asynchronous DNS lookups that make traceroute faster and more consistent, the OT-native Monitor tool, and support for the GURL Apple Event.

Although there's no information regarding what's new in version 2.5.3 (the latest release for Power Macs running OS 9.2 and earlier), version 2.5.2 addressed the following:

  • NSLookup: add support for displaying TXT records.
  • TraceRoute, PortScan: log any errors during copy and paste from table.
  • DHCP Test: use specified request address for "DHCP Release" if limit is one.
  • DHCP Test: cache Ethernet HW address so we don't try to quit while getting the address from an Ethernet driver.
  • Whois: update default list of Whois servers.

The Mac OS X version ("IPNetMonitorX") has been re-written from the ground up in Cocoa using native BSD networking.

Version 2.5 of IPNetMonitorX makes the following changes from version 2.4:

  • Startup: wait for network to become available when launched as login item.
  • Startup: restore multiple instance fields correctly when tools are running.
  • DNS Query: added query type SPF;
  • Fix bug: Server Scan Export changing visible action.
  • Fix screen drawing bug in Interface Info tool.
  • Build as 32-bit Universal pending further testing.
  • Remove old registration data from /L/AS/Sustainable Softworks/IPNetMonitorKey when writing new data.
  • Connection List: improve update when host is slow to respond.
  • DHCP Test: allow selecting UDP broadcast for VMWare compatibility ("defaults write com.sustworks.IPNetMonitorX udpBroadcast 1").
  • Prepare Disk Image on 10.5 to preserve background image.
  • Change system requirements to Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
  • Fixed AirPort Signal tool to work on Snow Leopard.
  • DHCP Test - allow setting client hardware address.
  • Remove old registration data from ~/L/AS/Sustainable Softworks/IPNetMonitorKey when writing new data.
  • Fix Connection List to work on Snow Leopard

User Reviews

"Lots of easy to use IP test and monitoring features (Ping, TraceRoute, Address Scan, DNS lookup) wrapped in an elegant interface. There's even a scrolling IP traffic monitor window that's Open Transport compatible. You can open multiple windows for most tools and easily keep an eye on several areas of your network at once. This masterpiece has been continually enhanced over the last year and is well worth the $20 shareware fee."
—Joe Huber

"A first-rate program. As a relative novice struggling with dead and slow connections on the Internet, this has given me a real and rapid education about why and where so I can choose another route instead of just sit waiting and wondering. I like the idea of a date given in the info along with the version number. I was cautious about using this at first because of an "ancient" release note suggesting FreePPP incompatibility. The author calmed my fears (Yes, he was reachable!!! Something uncommon these days of "Internet do-it-yourself help"). The only problem was in installing the program when I chose only the Open Transport option . . . this option needs to be chosen in addition to the program! Chose both and it works like a charm! I'm using System 8 on a PowerMac 6500 with FreePPP and Open Transport 1.2. A must-have. My shareware fee is going in today!"
—Art Giebel

"I've always wanted to know the IP addy of Windoze ICQ users and now I can! Even if they think that they're IP is HIDDEN!!! Totally awesome and a MUST HAVE!!!"
—Jayce Smith

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Download the 680x0 version (2.2.1).
Download the PowerMac version (2.5.3).
Download the Mac OS X 10.4+ (Cocoa / Universal) version (2.5).

Version 2.6c1 (May 28, 2010) is now available for Mac OS X (Cocoa / Universal), adding/changing the following:

  • Server Scan: use Scripting Bridge to send Email notifications using .
  • Server Scan: added "Shell Sript" action with parameters (location, result).
  • DHCP Test: log timed out responses.
  • Port Scan: update stealth scan (SYN, FIN,...) for Snow Leopard.
  • Build monitor NKE as 32/64-bit Universal.

More information is available in the release notes.

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