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Commercial; See text.

Current Version: 5.3.2 (July 20, 2010)

Dartware (the nucleus of which is comprised of former programmers from Dartmouth College) produces a heck of a lot of great Mac Internet software, and has some interesting commercial offerings. InterMapper is a an AppleTalk and IP network mapping and management tool that provides powerful Internet mapping and SNMP monitoring.

InterMapper is priced by the number of devices that you monitor. Every piece of network equipment (e.g., each router, switch, hub, etc) counts as a device. The total of the devices being monitored determines the license tier you will need. See the pricing page for more details.

Version 5.3 introduced a number of enhancements:

  • Better performance when handling maps with many hidden interfaces: The way we handle maps with thousands or tens of thousands of interfaces has been revamped to be much faster and crisper. These maps used to take many minutes to open; they should now be nearly instantaneous, and they should be much more responsive once open.
  • More powerful interfaces window: The interfaces window is now modeless, which means that you may have multiple such windows open at the same time, and that you may still work with your maps while the windows are open. In addition, the windows are updated at each polling interval so that the data is now live, rather than static. You can now acknowledge and unacknowledge interfaces and can toggle "Allow Periodic Reprobe" behavior from the interfaces window.
  • Many behind-the-scenes improvements in exporting to the InterMapper Database and InterMapper DataCenter: We have made many behind-the-scenes changes to the way InterMapper exports data to the InterMapper Database to improve performance and reliability, especially to prevent the act of exporting from affecting the primary monitoring function of InterMapper. We have also made changes to InterMapper DataCenter to improve performance and reliability.
  • Localization: InterMapper is now available in languages other than English. Please check with This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to see what languages are currently supported. If translations other than English are available, InterMapper and InterMapper RemoteAccess preferences contain a Language Options panel from which you can choose the language you want to use in the user interface. In InterMapper Datacenter, the first-start wizard includes a locale chooser, with a corresponding chooser on the Settings page.

Version 5.3.2 is primarily a bugfix release.

InterMapper for Mac OS X requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. Any computer that can run Mac OS X will easily handle large maps. A minimum of 50 MBytes of disk space is required, although 1 GB or more will allow historical data to be stored. The Mac OS X InterMapper Remote application automatically selects the proper Java VM.

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