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Commercial; $69.95

Current Version: "X5" (10.5.6) (December 11, 2009)

Intego, Inc. produces the NetBarrier personal firewall software. Users of version 2.0 or later may update their software by using its built-in update function; users of earlier releases may purchase an upgrade. The "Classic" Mac OS version is no longer available for purchase, although updaters are still available for download (see below).

Features include:

  • Controls incoming TCP/IP traffic and data
  • Controls outgoing TCP/IP traffic and data
  • Offers preset or customized security rules
  • Protects against Trojan Horses
  • Protection against vandal programs
  • Blocks selected applications
  • Alerts you when applications connect to the Internet
  • Audits vandal alerts
  • Protects against intrusions
  • Offers a choice of defense policies
  • Detects wrong passwords
  • Protects against network attacks
  • Protects against ping of death
  • Protects against ping flooding
  • Protects against SYN flooding
  • Protects against port scans
  • Stops unknown packets
  • Controls system resources
  • Provides TCP sequence scrambling
  • Helps control cookies
  • Offers individual cookie control
  • Deletes cache and history files
  • Blocks ad banners
  • Hides the last web site visited
  • Hides browser and platform information
  • Safeguards personal information
  • Filters TCP/IP & AppleTalk stacks
  • Protects against data thieves, hostile java applets, hostile plug-ins

Version 10.5.6 introduces the following new features:

  • This update improves Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility and addresses a number of other minor issues. This update is recommended for all NetBarrier X5 users.

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