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Current Version: 2.1.1

Fixation is a freeware TCP client for the Internet Chess Club (ICC), Free Internet Chess Server (FICS), US Chess Live (USCL) and (limited support). Source code is available from the Fixation home page. Version 2.1.1 addresses the following:

  • Fixed hang problem when starting a game on FICS using "pawns pawns-only". The problem did not happen in examine mode.
  • The Seek Graph now has three selectable sizes: small, medium, large. The size can be selected in the preferences under "Seek Graph Options".
  • Now detects login: loops and terminates the login attempt. This can happen when a server displays an error message not expected by Fixation.
  • The minimum and maximum opponent ratings in the Seek Game dialog are now saved in the preferences if "Save Settings" is checked.
  • Fixed problem where debug.log could not be opened in OS X. If the current application folder is not writeable, Fixation now tries the user's home directory and then /tmp.
  • Fixed problem under OS X where Fixation could hang when a lot of server output was received at once (e.g. output from "llog").
  • The new ICC 'webhelp' variable is now supported. Setting it to 1 now opens help in your default web browser if Internet Config is enabled.
  • Aliasing the Game Logs folder to another folder no longer causes a directory not found error.
  • The "noescape" variable in the preferences is now supported for FICS.
  • Fixation no longer attempts to set the cshout variable on when logging on since this variable is not supported.
  • Fixed problem under OS X where the divider lines in the Seek Graph would not be displayed.
  • Kibitzes by accounts with two titles (e.g. C and TD) are now colored correctly.
  • Fixed problem where Wild(20) games on the ICC would be reported as Blitz games.

User Reviews

"Fixation is simply the best FICS interface available for the Mac. Happily, it's also perfectly adequate."
—John Scott

"I have been using Fixation for several years. All around it is the best Macintosh ICS Chess Client out there. It is simple and easy to use with a good intuitive interface."
—Scott Cole

"I have been playing on FICS for several years now, starting out first with Smart Chess and a couple other clients I tried for a short time, and finally found Fixation. Great program, sure to make the average Internet chess-playing PC user green with envy. Try the rest, then use the best."
—Glen Warner

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