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Shareware; $16.95

Current Version: 5.36 (December 14, 2009)

Wx is a specialized Internet weather app for Mac OS X that downloads and processes weather information and forecasts for the United States. The software links to free XML data on the internet from the U.S. National Weather Service, and presents it in an attractive user-friendly interface.

Wx can be configured to track weather conditions, watches/warnings/advisories, live radar, and forecast information for up to 20 U.S. locations, and it can download up to 20 weather maps or images. Optional add-ons allow each user to customize Wx for their lifestyle, hobbies, and activities. Wx downloads data on-demand, and can be configured to download data automatically on a periodic basis. Current weather conditions are summarized in the app's dock icon and dock menu, a floating "MiniWx" panel, and a Quartz screensaver. Wx can also export settings to an iPhone or iPod Touch, allowing it to use the Wx web app.

Wx has some unique and special features that set it apart:

  • Multiple Display Modes: With Wx, you can display weather in a large main window, a small "MiniWx" panel, the dock icon and dock menu, a Quartz screensaver, or any combination of these interfaces. Wx lets you tailor the interface to your needs and preferences.
  • Multi-threaded Radar Console: If you want radar, you got it! Wx has a high performance radar display with multiple radar modes (from simple to advanced), seven types of radar, and national radar site maps and mosaics.
  • Highly Accurate Point Forecast: In addition to a zone forecast, Wx has a graphical point forecast specified by latitude and longitude. Wx accesses the NWS National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD), a multi-dimensional database with 3 mile spatial resolution. With an accurate latitude and longitude, Wx can give you a custom forecast for your own neighborhood. In mountainous regions or near coastlines, this type of point forecast can be significantly more accurate than typical zone forecasts.
  • Pro Forecast: Also based on latitude and longitude, the pro forecast graphs 11 parameters from the latest NDFD forecast model run, going out to 168 hours. Graphs include temperature, humidity, cloud cover, wind, and precipitation parameters. The pro forecast in Wx is one of the most detailed forecasts you can get.
  • True Local Weather: Wx lets you choose to receive current weather data from over 1750 NWS observations sites in the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. islands and territories. This allows you to tune into a nearby NWS weather feed for relevant weather data.
  • WxAlert: have Wx trigger an alarm, send e-mails, send SMS text messages to cell phones, or run an AppleScript when severe weather advisories are issued by the NWS for the locations that Wx tracks.
  • Easy Setup: Wx allows you to setup locations by zip code, City/ST, latitude/longitude, or by entering a location/address into Google Maps. For each location, Wx recommends the five closest NWS observation sites, alert zones, and radar sites.
  • Mobile Wx: Export your Wx settings to a special Safari bookmark, sync via iTunes, and access all your weather locations and maps (up to 20 each) on your iPhone or iPod Touch using the Wx web application. It's like having Wx with you on the go.
  • WxCentral Browser: Load web pages, local files, or add-ons in this custom web browser built in to Wx. WxCentral allows you to bookmarks these data sources, and will update automatically whenever Wx reloads data.
  • Use of Cutting Edge Mac OS X Technologies: Wx is a native Cocoa application and universal PowerPC/Intel compatible. The software leverages numerous features of Mac OS X and makes extensive use of its powerful UNIX core for enhanced performance, stability, and effiency. Compute- and network-intensive parts of Wx are multi-threaded for faster response and reduced processing time.
  • Active and Responsive Pro Developer: Wx is developed by Dr. Craig Hunter, an engineer with over 16 years experience in software development and scientific computing. Craig received the NASA Software of the Year Award (2004) and Apple Design Award (2004) for his Mac OS X software development work on the TetrUSS computational fluid dynamics suite. In just 2.5 years, Wx has raced up to version 5 and has a large user base of serious and casual weather watchers. Many of the features in Wx were implemented because of user feedback and suggestions, and it continues to improve and adapt to ever-changing user needs.

Wx is shareware; you can download it, share it with friends, and evaluate it free for 30 days. The downloadable app is fully functional but does not store preferences or export settings for the mobile version of Wx. You may register the software for $16.95 to receive a key that will enable these features.

Version 5.36 adds/changes the following:

  • Assorted minor bug fixes and usability tweaks

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