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CommuniGate Pro

Company Page Home Page Release Notes License:
Commercial; See text.

Current Version: 5.2.20 (May 10, 2010)

Stalker Software makes the incredibly powerful and robust CommuniGate Pro Internet messaging server, which covers the gamut from faxing to POP mail.

Single server and cluster licenses are available, with prices ranging from $849 and up.

Version 5.2.20 adds/changes the following:

  • Bug Fix: CALLLEG: 5.1.2: the Replaces "method" parameter was checked incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: CG/PL: 5.1c1: the DateByYearDate function returned a result for a previous year.
  • Bug Fix: SIGNAL: 4.3c1: minimum and maximum REGISTER period limits were not applied to the "expires" Contact parameters.
  • Bug Fix: SIGNAL: 5.2c2: the Dialog Info data was not copied when retrieved, causing various problems under heavy load.
  • Bug Fix: DIRECTORY: 3.0: Local Unit modification records longer than 32K could not be read.
  • Bug Fix: MAILBOX: 5.2c1: hard-links were never used for messages in MailDir mailboxes.
  • Bug Fix: Kernel: 5.2.4: when an external certificate was verified, the stock certificates were used incorrectly.
  • Bug Fix: CLI: 5.2c1: incorrect parameters for the GETACCOUNTSTAT and RESETACCOUNTSTAT commands could crash the server.
  • Bug Fix: WebUser: 5.2.10: the HiddenSkins setting could not be used to hide the "unnamed" (Basic) Skin.

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Built Into Mac OS X

Mac OS X has a huge amount of TCP/IP-based server software built into it that I don't specifically cover here. Your "Sharing" Preference Pane allows you to enable and disable these services with a click of the mouse. The software running behind the scenes to provide many of these services is generally of the open source variety. The standard release of Mac OS X includes, among many others:

  • Apache httpd (web server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • Postfix (mail server; see Mac OS X Hints for more information).
  • tnftpd (FTP server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • OpenSSH (Secure Shell server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane via "Remote Login" but additionally configurable via selected applications listed on this page).
  • BIND (Domain Name System server; see Mac OS X Hints for more information).
  • Samba (Windows file sharing; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • XFree86 (X Window server; enabled via the "X11" application in your "Utilities" folder, if you elected to install it with Mac OS X).

Of course, Mac OS X Server includes many more, in addition to offering more recent versions of many of the above servers.

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