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Kerio Connect

Company Page Home Page Release Notes License:
Commercial; See text.

Current Version: 7.0.2 Patch 1 (July 7, 2010)

Kerio Technologies Inc. produces Kerio Connect (formerly Kerio MailServer), an email server and collaboration platform (similar to Microsoft Exchange) designed primarily for small to medium-sized organizations. Its critical components includes integrated ActiveSync support, McAfee anti-virus with dual anti-virus options using built-in third party plugins, multiple anti-spam technologies, cross-platform groupware functionality in Outlook, Entourage, Treos, Windows Mobile Devices and Kerio WebMail. Groupware features include shared and public email, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks. Users can be defined internally or managed through Microsoft Active Directory or Apple Open Directory. A migration tool for Microsoft Exchange is also inlcuded to migrate users and folders to Kerio MailServer. Kerio MailServer runs on Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Mac OS X.

Pricing varies, depending upon the desired number of users.

While version 7.0.2 Patch 1 fixes a few bugs, version 7.0.2 made a number of improvements, including the following:

  • Users could lost access to the Public folders in very rare case on upgrade from previous version.
  • Fixed potential crash when opening corrupted sort.fld file.
  • Deleted folders were not removed from mobile devices.
  • Fixed few other minor issues.

The release makes many other changes to the Administration Console various modules (Administration Console, WebMail, Web Administration, Synchronization Plug-in, Outlook Connector, etc.) that are more fully detailed in the complete release notes.

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Built Into Mac OS X

Mac OS X has a huge amount of TCP/IP-based server software built into it that I don't specifically cover here. Your "Sharing" Preference Pane allows you to enable and disable these services with a click of the mouse. The software running behind the scenes to provide many of these services is generally of the open source variety. The standard release of Mac OS X includes, among many others:

  • Apache httpd (web server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • Postfix (mail server; see Mac OS X Hints for more information).
  • tnftpd (FTP server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • OpenSSH (Secure Shell server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane via "Remote Login" but additionally configurable via selected applications listed on this page).
  • BIND (Domain Name System server; see Mac OS X Hints for more information).
  • Samba (Windows file sharing; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • XFree86 (X Window server; enabled via the "X11" application in your "Utilities" folder, if you elected to install it with Mac OS X).

Of course, Mac OS X Server includes many more, in addition to offering more recent versions of many of the above servers.

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