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Current Version: 1.0.14 / 1.6a3 (December 15, 2005)

Macjordomo is a powerful, easy-to-use freeware listserver. Version 1.6a3 - the latest version for Mac OS X - makes the following changes:

  • Added option to just ignore messages from non-subscribers (rather than send a notice)

Please visit the Macjordomo home page before downloading the program for the first time.

User Reviews

"I use [Macjordomo] to run 12 lists, ranging in size from 5 to 100 people per list, on a IIvx with 8Mb of RAM (and it is also running MacHTTP, AIMS and a Quickmail server for 100 people). It's never let me down once. The application seems almost crash proof, and handles all these lists brilliantly. The interface is useful, and Macjordomo provides a bunch of filtering options that make Unix gurus jealous. And the best ad for it: apparently the Windows 95/NT mailing list is run on it :)"
—Michael Cutter

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Built Into Mac OS X

Mac OS X has a huge amount of TCP/IP-based server software built into it that I don't specifically cover here. Your "Sharing" Preference Pane allows you to enable and disable these services with a click of the mouse. The software running behind the scenes to provide many of these services is generally of the open source variety. The standard release of Mac OS X includes, among many others:

  • Apache httpd (web server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • Postfix (mail server; see Mac OS X Hints for more information).
  • tnftpd (FTP server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • OpenSSH (Secure Shell server; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane via "Remote Login" but additionally configurable via selected applications listed on this page).
  • BIND (Domain Name System server; see Mac OS X Hints for more information).
  • Samba (Windows file sharing; enabled via the Sharing Preference Pane).
  • XFree86 (X Window server; enabled via the "X11" application in your "Utilities" folder, if you elected to install it with Mac OS X).

Of course, Mac OS X Server includes many more, in addition to offering more recent versions of many of the above servers.

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