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Shareware; $24

Current Version: 2.1 Build 210 (March 16, 2009)

Acquisition is a rare thing - a truly attractive Gnutella file sharing client for Mac OS X. It is reputedly better than LimeWire at returning comprehensive results for a search.

Version 2.1 Build 210 adds/changes the following:

  • Sparkle auto-update support
  • Design tweaks
  • Connectivity improvements

Acquisition is shareware; registration eliminates "nag" messages, speed limits, and feature limitations, but the software otherwise operates very well in "free" mode.

User Reviews

"This is a great file sharing program. I'm having great download success. Although the program sometimes slows down when veiwing lots of results, it still out-searches and out-performs LimeWire, or any alternative I have used."
—Sam Novak

"DEFINITELY much better than LimeWire, with a faster up/download time. It could use some tweaking in the interface department, though, like tabs to locate downloaded files and filters to specify what you're looking for (i.e. .MP3s, .MPGs, etc...)"
—Emil Sambrano

"Acquisition is a great program. Its only problems are the lack of connections. It only goes up to 12 connections and it is hard to find a connected download. I prefer Aquisition over LimeWire, but my favorites are iGetter and Drumbeat."
—Matt Marks

"This program has become garbage, and the support just as bad. I upgraded to 2.0 Pro, and immediately started running into problems. I emailed the author and he sent me a link to the FAQ. Not helpful at all. This used to be an incredible app. Great interface, functionality, everything. Now the developer is busier creating new things to throw money at than to fix the problem that got people to buy his existing app in the first place. Very disappointing."
—Lane Baysden

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