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ShareWay IP Gateway

Company Page Home Page Release Notes License:
Commercial; $39

Current Version: 3.0 (October 25, 1999)

Open Door Networks produces the ShareWay IP Gateway software that lets any AppleShare-compatible server provide Macintosh file service using Internet protocols.

ShareWay IP is standard Macintosh file sharing, but using TCP/IP rather than AppleTalk. ShareWay IP runs with Mac OS 7, 8 or 9's built-in File Sharing to enable Macintosh file sharing over your home network, intranet or the Internet. ShareWay IP is the only way to have Personal File Sharing on a pre-X system share files with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), since Tiger cannot access AppleShare files shared over AppleTalk. (Apple included a limited version of ShareWay IP with Mac OS 9. When you check the "File Sharing over TCP/IP" checkbox under Mac OS 9, you are running a basic version of ShareWay IP.) If you are running Mac OS 9, the "full" version includes additional security features and bug fixes.

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