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Current Version: 2.5r3 (July 28, 2004)

XNap is a pure Java OpenNap file sharing client licensed under the GNU Public License that works particularly well. XNap was formerly known as JNapster then forked as XNapster but is now actively maintained again and one of the most efficient OpenNap clients available. It provides a modern "Swing"-based user interface (and also supports the Mac OS X "Aqua" look and feel) and console support that runs nicely on every platform with a recent JRE or JDK (1.3 or higher), such as Mac OS X. Features include:

  • plugin architecture
  • supported protocols: OpenNap, giFT, gnutella (cvs only)
  • multiple concurrent searches
  • fine grained result filter
  • resumable auto downloads
  • bandwidth throttle support
  • socks and http proxy support
  • integrated file preview (pluggable) and mp3 player support
  • integrated command line

Version 2.5r3 comes with updated server list providers, because (the site XNap used to fetch servers from), has been down for some time.

User Reviews

"XNap is a rather nice and reliable program for download mp3s, oggs and other forms of multimedia. I have had no problems with its stability, although it does seem to be rather consumptive of system resources. It presently seems to be one of the better clients for OS X. One thing to note though, is that some servers have banned XNap for client access. This is probably as a result of it continually trying to connect to unavailable servers."
—David Bryson

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Download the Mac OS X (Java) version.

Version 3.0-pre1 (6/21/2004) is available, adding/changing the following from the previous release:

  • Most notably auto completion has been implemented for most input fields and a shortcut editor has been added. In addition to the core release some of the plugins have been updated as well to fix minor bugs.

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