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Current Version: 1.7.11 (February 4, 2008)

iSwipe is a novel concept: this (free!) program searches the Web, WWW, FTP, Hotline, Napster, OpenNapster, Gnutella, Carracho, OpenFT, iTunes, eDonkey and FastTrack (Kazaa, Grokster), BitTorrent, Ares and Seeqpod networks for files simultaneously. It includes a download manager that allows retries and resumable downloads, as well as an "AutoSearch" feature that maintains a list of files that you want to search for repeatedly. The software's interface, while simple, is a little clunky, but it generally works well and is best geared toward use when your demands for searching these networks are not as great as the demands typically placed on specialized (Hotline, FTP, Napster, etc.) file search applications.

Version 1.7.11 adds/changes the following:

Unfortunately, access to FastTrack, eDonkey and OpenFT through giFT and MLDonkey are only available for OS X users, and that's not likely to change in the near future.

Donations in excess of $10 will gain you a registration number, which is valid for all HMS software. It also entitles you access to e-mail support.

User Reviews

"Seems like it works, but have the worst time getting a solid connect for a download...99% of the time I can't get the file, whereas with LimeWire I connect very often. Hope this can be improved somehow..."
—Shawn Matthews

"The secret is: enable autosearch. It WILL eventually find and download files for you (if you're on a DSL, cable or T1 link). Absolutely no good for dial-up of course. But with autosearch and the ability to query CDDB so you can add whole albums in one fell swoop, this little sucker has got a lot of potential. With all the current hoopla about p2p being shut down by the law, my advice is GRAB IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!"
—John Ernemann

"iSwipe is the best thing I've found for downloading hard-to-find music. Stability is not great, and it typically takes many tries with the auto search feature to get stuff, but with patience I always get what I'm looking for. If you read a review that says you can never download anything with iSwipe, it was probably written by someone not smart enough to figure out the auto search feature."
—Dave Sobecki

"I installed iSwipe last night because LimeWire would not run properly. Apart from the first 2 songs I downloaded successfully, I must say that I am extremely disappointed with iSwipe. I have been trying to download songs for the past 24 hours without any success. Either that, or they download to 97% and then 'fail.' I am at my wit's end. "
—Natasha Fletcher

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