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Current Version: 1.0.3b3

Diiva is a specialized newsreader that works in conjunction with Diiva's $5.00/month image preview and categorization service. Simply speaking, Diiva is a proprietary client that works in conjunction with the company's proprietary servers to help Usenet picture junkies quickly preview and find the pictures they are looking for. Available only for Power Macs running Mac OS 8.0 and later, it's distributed as shareware and costs $35. Version 1.0.2 adds/changes the following:

  • Much improved stability -- numerous crashing bugs fixed.
  • Improved compatibility with a wider range of news servers.
  • Added the ability to reset the group access counts.
  • Fixed incompatibility with aggressive transparent proxy servers.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Lots of smaller fixes.

User Reviews

"Diiva is a nice program for weeding through the thousands of GIFs and JPEGs that are posted online daily, but it's not without its quirks and shortcomings. For $5.00 a month, you can subscribe to Diiva's preview server, which creates thumbnail previews of most of the files that are posted to the binary graphics newsgroups; Diiva then displays those previews on your screen. Frequently, however, many pics display "Preview Not Available" instead of a thumbnail; just as frequently, the wrong thumbnail is displayed for some pictures. Also, there is no ability to mark a picture, thread or newsgroup as being read; nor are crossposts marked as already read (or viewed). This leads to a lot of "I've already seen these previews!" Still, Diiva is better than downloading hundreds or thousands of pictures and sifting through them to find something good. The previews let you download only the pictures whose thumbnail preview looks interesting. It's a good program that needs some work and feature additions/enhancements, particularly the ability to mark posts & groups as read (or in this case, viewed)."
—Kevin Engler

"Diiva fills a great need for Mac users who download images from the usenet. Instead of the laborious process of downloading an image at a time, and then having to delete the ones you don't want, Diiva gives preview images, so you only download what you want, or else you can tell it to download all images in all your favourite newsgroups, while you're having lunch, then delete the unwanted ones with a single click. It saves a huge amount of work for me. It's so intuitive I only had to click it open and it set itself up, without any human configuration needed!"
—Wilson Gilmore

"Buyer beware, this company does not reply to emails, the application does not work with my ISP and your credit card will be billed recurring monthly charges to get the alleged full feature set. Stick with your free newsreaders or Baker; this developer gives shareware a bad name."
—Thomas Patrick Dillon

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Download the Mac OS 9 version.

Version 1.0.3 Preview 3 for Mac OS X (Carbon) is now available, adding/changing the following:

  • Carbonized for Mac OS X.
  • OS X Mouse wheel scrolling support added. (Mac OS X only)
  • OS X Fixed even more proxy server issues.
  • OS X Other smaller fixes.
  • Added yEnc support.
  • Fixed problem where the image viewer would sometimes fail to update properly. (Mac OS X only.)
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the yEnc decoder. It's now much more robust.

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Key Mac Newsgroups

There are several Usenet newsgroups dedicated to Macintosh-specific topics. Here are the most essential ones:

comp.sys.mac.announce is a moderated newsgroup that contains important general announcements to the Macintosh community.

comp.sys.mac.apps is the place to go when you have questions about specific Macintosh programs.

comp.sys.mac.comm is the place to discuss all things involving Macintosh telecommunications and Macs on the Internet.

comp.sys.mac.printing is for all printer- and printing-related discussion.

comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc is for discussion of all other Macintosh hardware-related questions.

comp.sys.mac.system is the place to go for MacOS-related discussions.

comp.sys.mac.misc is the place to post when other Macintosh-related newsgroups don't fit the bill.

Note: If you'd like to search the Usenet for Macintosh-related information, you really only have one option (but it's a good one): Google purchased the old DejaNews ( Usenet archive, and now offers sophisticated searching of all mainstream Usenet newsgroups, both past and present.

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