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Current Version: alpha 12

Newsflash is a free Usenet newsreader featuring:

  • A user-friendly Aqua GUI.
  • Multi-threaded (non-blocking) operation.
  • Multiple NNTP server support.
  • True (by-reference) article threading.
  • Multiple NNTP server support.

As of June 2002, Newsflash is still in the early alpha stages of development. The current release may contain serious bugs, so use it at your own risk. Alpha 12 adds/changes the following:

  • yEnc support courtesy of updated AJRFoundation/AJRMessage frameworks
  • Support for posting using US-ASCII, ISOLatin1, ISOLatin2, ISO-2022-JP (Japanese) and ISO-8859-7 (Greek) character sets
  • Fixed bug decoding multi-part MIME articles
  • Clicking on progress indicator opens Activity Viewer window
  • New cleaned-up crisper icon
  • Left/right arrows now work for keyboard navigation
  • Newsflash can be set as the default handler for news: and nntp: URLS
  • Started Swedish Localization
  • Fixed bug which let you drag-n-drop a favorite item inside itself
  • Fixed memory leak while reading a .newsrc file
  • Remembers and re-opens the previous selected server
  • Size and date columns remember their (in)visibility settings
  • Browser remembers its height and column widths

Newsflash is a 100% native Mac OS X application developed with Cocoa and Objective-C. Newsflash is an Open Source project released under a BSD-style licence. Visit the Newsflash project page at SourceForge for the latest developer news or to join the Newsflash project.

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Andrew Starr has another marvelous page about Usenet newsreaders that you simply must check out.

Key Mac Newsgroups

There are several Usenet newsgroups dedicated to Macintosh-specific topics. Here are the most essential ones:

comp.sys.mac.announce is a moderated newsgroup that contains important general announcements to the Macintosh community.

comp.sys.mac.apps is the place to go when you have questions about specific Macintosh programs.

comp.sys.mac.comm is the place to discuss all things involving Macintosh telecommunications and Macs on the Internet.

comp.sys.mac.printing is for all printer- and printing-related discussion.

comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc is for discussion of all other Macintosh hardware-related questions.

comp.sys.mac.system is the place to go for MacOS-related discussions.

comp.sys.mac.misc is the place to post when other Macintosh-related newsgroups don't fit the bill.

Note: If you'd like to search the Usenet for Macintosh-related information, you really only have one option (but it's a good one): Google purchased the old DejaNews ( Usenet archive, and now offers sophisticated searching of all mainstream Usenet newsgroups, both past and present.

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