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Shareware; $14.99

Current Version: 1.2b2 (April 30, 2008)

Subscriber is a relatively sophisiticated web page update checking utility that enables granularized checking of portions of web pages in a manner that most web browsers' built-in "subscribe" capabilities cannot. Subscriber allows you to disregard items of your choosing, such as dates, advertisements, and other items. It's probably the most sophisticated web page update checking software available for the Macintosh, and if you're serious about keeping on top of web site updates, you'll want to include this on your list of software to check out.

Version 1.2b2 adds/changes the following:

  • [b2] Fixed Esellerate in-application registration system for Leopard compatibility.
  • [New] The user can now limit the number of web pages that Subscriber is allowed to check simultaneously. (This is mainly for the benefit of users using slow internet connections.)
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Subscriber to crash when rendering a web page.
  • [Fix] Rendered-web-page panel in criterion dialog now works.
  • [New] Show Matches option in criterion dialog is now optional in the rendered-web-page panel.
  • [Fix] Fixed bug that made it reject some valid URLs when importing a URL from a file.
  • [Chg] Import URLs From File option has a new dialog with more options.
  • [Fix] Fixed bug where Subscriber could crash when a link was accessed while displaying an XML channel.
  • [Fix] Subscriber no longer mis-identifies XHTML web pages as XML feeds.
  • [New] Subscriber now supports Keychain access to certain password-protected web pages: those that the default browser can access using information in the Keychain without the user having to click a 'Log In' button. Previously Subscriber was only able to access pages that did this using information in cookies.
  • [Fix] Fixed bug where Subscriber displayed HTML character codes in titles, instead of the Unicode characters.
  • [Fix] Subscriber now suppresses extraneous spaces in page titles, as browsers do.
  • [Fix] Fixed cosmetic glitch in display of selected cells.
  • [Fix] Fixed cosmetic glitch in display of buttons when running under Leopard.
  • [Fix] Highlighted subscriptions are now displayed in the system highlight colour again.

Subscriber is shareware, and runs as fully-functional software for 30 days before requiring purchase.

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